Zied Bahrouni

CEO and Co-founder - Motius

Zièd is the CEO and Co-founder of Motius, an R&D company based in Munich with offices in Stuttgart and Dubai. Motius is specialized in using new technologies to create innovative products for big Tech companies like BMW, Microsoft, Siemens, Lufthansa, Audi, Innogy, Porsche, etc.
With those companies, Motius works on autonomous cars, smart cities, drones, urban farming, 3D-Printing, etc. In 2017, Motius has been chosen among the Top 50 fastest growing companies in Germany. 
Zièd is also a member of the Digital Transformation Board at Innogy SE and holds several other advisory roles in the areas of entrepreneurship, new technologies and innovation. He is also an active researcher in systemic neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
His academic background is in Mechatronics and IT .